Monday, March 16, 2009

Zanny Zanny Boo Boo & Matty Phatty Anny Panny

This is Zander and Maddison. They are best Buddies. Zander is older but Maddy has always been at least a head taller and has referred to him as her baby since she could talk. Maddy has always done everything before Zander. She rolled over first, sat up first, walked first, talked first, read a book first, rode a bike first, even lost a tooth first. They are almost seven and Zander has yet to loose a tooth (with the exception of one tooth pulled by the dentist because it was growing in wrong) but Maddy has lost six.

This is a picture of her loose tooth.

This is a picture of her pulling her seventh tooth.

This is Zander trying to wiggle out his two front teeth. He really wants to loose his baby teeth.

And here is the tooth.

There is hope for him though. He has two big boy teeth coming in behind his baby teeth and they're not pushing the baby teeth out so he'll be going to the dentist soon to have the baby teeth removed. He can finally say he lost some baby teeth.

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