Sunday, February 26, 2012


OK, so it's been over a year since I last posted anything but it was a tough 19 months so forgive me. Let have a quick catch up. The dog survived, I didn't kill her but boy do I want to some days. After the dog ate the computer cord my computer got a virus and I couldn't use it. Zander was put into special services at school for developmental delays. My blog got hacked twice(if you look at the comments from previous posts they are loaded with a bunch of virus infected ad links disguised as comments, don't click on them or your computer will get hacked too). My mother tried to die. We got a new pool. Rats took over the chicken barn. A pipe busted in the upstairs toilet and flooded the garage, which isn't even under the bathroom. Oscar quit denying he had ptsd. Brendan grew a mustache. Sarah discovered boys. I got a urinary tract/kidney infection that lasted almost a year. The Blog got hijacked again and my other two blogs linked to this account were taken as well. We figured out all kinds of things that trigger the ptsd, induce mania, increase the meltdowns and raging of the younger two. Oscars parents got divorced. My mom tried to die again. Mercedes moved to California. My mother went to stay with Jenn. Zander broke his finger and had to have it reattached through surgery. Tanner's Schizophrenia took over our lives. Sarah went hormonally crazy. Oscar couldn't take the stress of home life and started shutting down. Oscars mom moved to Florida. I went a little crazy. Oscar moved out. The kids moved into my room. Jenn brought mom home sick so we spent a week in the hospital. Tanner spent a week in the hospital. I got whiplash. Sarah went a little crazy but then we discovered St Johns Wart and Valerian Root and she is much better. Tanner went back into the hospital. We were finally approved for state health insurance. Zander snapped. Oscar started working double shifts. Tanner got to go to special school to relearn how to function in the real world. We discovered the miracle drug Melatonin and all the boys are now on it. Our house became the cool place for all the boys friends to hang out. Zander got his cast off and they told us he had to come back every three months until he stops growing, probably around the age of 16. I kicked the kids out of my room. The baby that used to get here at 5am started coming at 3am, causing massive sleep deprivation around here. Tanner got tested for other problems because one of his many doctors thought he might have a very high functioning form of autism, which he doesn't, and he started weekly therapy sessions to cope with the crazy in his head as well as his whole world falling apart. For a while our world revolved around Tanners appointments and filling out the same three hour packet of paper work for every different doctor he went to. I broke the washer, garbage disposal, vacuum cleaner, toilet, and oven. Oscar and I worked out a system for Dr appointments. Brendan got bronchitis. We went to the hospital so many times in one month that the registration clerk came into our room and took one look at us and simply asked if anything had changed since we were there a few days before and gave us our consistent to treat without even going through the whole registration process because we had been there so much in the past three months that she had memorized all out info. Zander went to his fallow up appointment and miraculously they couldn't even see any evidence that his finger was ever even broken let alone as bad as it was. They had to compare before and after x-rays to find the break so they said he was perfect and they didn't have to see him again, which is good because realistically there is no way we would have taken him in every 3 months for the next 7 years, they charge way too much and that is just insane. I got pneumonia and then bronchitis which did a lot of damage to my lungs and now I have to travel with an inhaler all the time and I am very sensitive to a whole list of things that trigger my asthma and I spend a lot of time attached to the nebulizer. My mother tried to die again so I threatened her to within an inch of her life so that she will start taking better care of herself and I think it actually sank in this time. Oscar and I came to a happy medium of coexistence, sort of. Tanner and Zander moved back into my room. Oscar bought the kids there own cute little fat screens to bribe them to stay out of my room(didn't work). Tanner got a hernia and had to have it surgically repaired. Mimi and Papa tried to die within a few days of each other. Papa came home and Mimi went to a nursing home for a while. Tanner regressed a little and also has pretty much lost all impulse control due to meds. I took back control of the blogs after about a year. I managed to break the dishwasher and garbage disposal, flood the kitchen and soak the new cabinets all in less than 10 minutes. Michael and Oscar hijacked two of my stress relieving projects so now I am planning a third but they will be banned from helping this time. Brendan, who isn't supposed to do sport or wrestle or do anything that could injure his good kidney decided at a friends house yesterday that it would be a good idea to participate in a wrestling brawl with some friends so we spent the day in the ER getting his good kidney checked out. He is fine and we found out that the right kidney is no longer there so that which is good news because we have been waiting his whole life for it to be gone, it just took 14 years for it to shrink to nothing. While at the hospital we realized not only has the bruise on his spine that he has had for over a month still not healed but there is a new one just under neath it. This is the drama of the moment. His ITP has been in remission since he was about 5 or 6 but it may be back. Now we do the wait and see game. I am not a very patient person. A lot of birthdays and holidays happened during all of that craziness as well.That's it for now. I will try to keep the blog updated as often as possible but I can't make any promises. Oh, and if anyone is wondering why I am up at 1:45 updating the blog when I have to get up at 3 it's Bobo's fault, she's in the other room trying not to go back to the hospital and honestly I just spent all day in the ER so I am holding off as long as I can before I have to go back. Night Night All :~)