Saturday, March 14, 2009

Dads TV

Oscar bought this massively large TV when we moved into the new house but he's always working and hardly ever gets to watch it.(sorry Honey) Me and the kids however get a lot of use out of it. On Dads drill weekends we spend the whole Saturday like this,

watching movies. We love you Dad!

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clicker59 said...

Those Drill weekends are also part of the military and they also have drills not only on the weekends but they sometimes have them during the week the reason I know this is because when my father was stationed at Ramey AFB we were living in base housing and both the elementary school and the high school were on the base I didn't go to school that day neither did my older sister Karen or Tammy but Tammy wasn't old enough to go to school yet. My father was able to get out of attending that drill because my mother was in the hospital and it wasn't to have my little brother at the time even though she was pregnant with him at the time but she did have him within 2 to 4 weeks since that drill I do remember sticking my head out the door right before the drill started to give the kids a chance to get home from school that day watching them walking by my house.