Monday, March 30, 2009

Playtime With Daddy

Last week my kids took turns being sick. I thought by Saturday they were done, I was wrong. Tanner started running a fever at one of the birthday parties we attended Saturday afternoon. It wasn't a very high fever and he was fine after some Tylenol. Saturday night I gave all the kids Tylenol hoping that they'd all be fine Sunday morning for church. I wasn't successful though, I woke up sick Sunday morning and Tanner woke a few times at night with fever. If it had been any of the other kids we probably could have gone to church and left after sacrament, but Tanner's ears and nose get beet red and he wines the whole tome he has a fever. It was daddies job to entertain kids while Tanner and I rested. The problem is that he doesn't do quiet time, so Tanner and I didn't get much rest.

Overboard! Dad asked questions and they answered. At first he was only throwing them over for wrong answers but then they started answering some of the questions wrong on purpose so he threw them over for all answers.

Cocoon. Basically hide and seek but it was to muddy to go outside so my husband came up with an indoor version. Dad had a hard time hiding because the dog wanted to hide with him. Her huge wagging tail was a dead give away every time.

And of course they ended with the pillow fight. When all the excitement was done I did get to take a nap and when I woke up my husband and the missionaries were trying to figure out how to use the dvd player downstairs - Surprise! I guess it's a good thing I didn't go down in my PJ's. I hate surprises like when my husband forgets to tell me people are coming.

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Sharla said...

Yeah for Daddy time! I must say that out of all the playing the best part is that Oscar has just one sock on! Boys are just big kids :)