Saturday, January 2, 2010


Today I was laying tile in the bathroom when Sarah came in to let me know that she thinks it's totally unfair that I get to use mud when I'm building but she doesn't get to use mud ever, not even when she's playing. I never said life was fair! I got my husband to agree to a total bathroom remodel. I was nice enough to ask him this time, one time he came home and the entire bathroom, with the exception of the tub, was on the front lawn. I went out and got a new vanity and mirror this morning. When I got home and ripped out the old vanity I found that the joint of the vent pipe for the downstairs bathroom is too big to fit inside the wall and it's right where the back foot of the new vanity should sit. Now I have to go back to home depot, ugh!!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Bathroom Remodel

The house we live in has carpet in the bathrooms. I don't know who ever thought this was a good idea should shot. I've wanted to rip it out since we moved in but Oscar said no. Every time the kids flood the bathroom or one of the little ones pee on the floor I have to shampoo the carpet. Last night I decided that if I had to shampoo the carpet one more time I was ripping it out and putting tile. This morning the dog peed on the bathroom floor. Good Dog!!! While pulling up the linoleum by the toilet I noticed a little mold growing on the waterproof sub-floor so I pulled up the waterproof sub-floor and found even more mold between the plywood sub-floor and the waterproof sub-floor. We had a toilet leek but never noticed because the water was running under the linoleum and settling between the two sub-floors. Luckily there is no rot yet. If the dog hadn't peed on the floor I would have never noticed. Now I'm debating a whole bathroom remodel or just new flooring.