Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring Break Is Over...

And we survived. We didn't harm any ones children, but there were a few threats, we didn't loose anyone, and my house is still standing. My husband was home most of the week so I got a lot done, like the laundry, I haven't been caught up on the laundry for about five years and I haven't seen the laundry room floor since we moved in but I am proud to announce that the floor is still there and I found it, the mountain of boxes in my living room is now just a few boxes of pictures waiting to be hung, I learned how to make plantains for my husband, and I even had time to run speaker wires under the carpet so my husband could have surround sound for movie day. The kids had a lot of fun and the parents are exhausted, so exhausted in fact that we both slept through the alarm this morning, but the kids made it to school on time and now I am sitting in my clean house enjoying the peace and quiet of no kids (the extras will be here late today).

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