Thursday, March 26, 2009

I found this

Yesterday I found this in some boxes I was unpacking. It is the note that Mike wrote before he left.
The note was writen by my brother before he left with some friends. My mother was already asleep and he didn't want her to worry if she woke in the middle of the night and his room was empty. He was a strange teenager, how many teenage boys leave a note for their mother when they sneak out in the middle of the night.They planned to be back before any parents woke up, and if the car hadn't crashed they would have been. My mom woke to a ringing phone early in the morning, thinking there had been a mistake she went to my brothers room and found the note on the door. The song that is playing was one of his favorite songs. It was playing on the radio when they crashed.


clicker59 said...

Actually Bobo and I were in her bed when talking waiting to for me to go to the dentist that day when the phone rang and I said I hope it's not about Mikey. You where at Evelyn's spending the night remember Karen and I had to go round you up Shannon? As soon as we heard about Mikey I called my sister-in-law who's real name is Virginia but our family calls her Vee for those who don't know her to cancel my dentist appointment my brother Michael took the call and told her. Vee was working for the dentist at the time. But I did go to the dentist the day before.

clicker59 said...

I remember when Mikey got Baptized in the church because I attended it I witnessed that photo was made for Tammy since she was unable to attend because she was in the hospital due to illness