Friday, March 20, 2009

The other mommies are gonna kill me!

My yard is basically a giant sand box so I thought it would be a good idea to make sand castles. They were having fun, but it was hot and dry, so I let them have some water to wet down the sand. Everyone was enjoying the sand except Zander, he was enjoying the bucket of water.
(By the way the look on his face is because he just found a bug under the water.)
When it was time to come in I dumped the wash your feet bucket so that I could fill it with clean water. This was not the smartest idea of the day since I just made a fresh mud pit right in front of the door, but I've been up since five so we're blaming it on sleep deprivation.
The other mommies don't let their kids play in the mud like me, the cool mom, does. I keep telling them not to send their kids to my house in cute clothes cuz they're gonna get ruined, but they never listen. After all that hard work building castles and throwing mud we had ice cream. I was nice enough to bathe them before sending them home so maybe they won't completely flip out when they see the pictures.
In the end we only ended up with two sand castles, they decided the mud was a lot more fun.

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