Thursday, March 26, 2009

The battle of the rooms

Brendan's room,

his closet,

and his little bit of clutter.
Tanner and Zander's room,

their closet,

and their clutter,

and now for Sarah's Room

her bed (there is so much stuff stashed under her bed hat she can't push the spare bed under)

her dressers (every one of those boxes and containers are packed with stuff)

her closet,

every nook, cranny, and corner of her room has stuff stashed in it,

even her windows and under the bottom of the curtains.

I know it is a lot of picture, but she has a lot of stuff, and my pictures aren't compatible with slide shows of any kind. Every morning I give the kids 10 - 15 minutes to clean their rooms before they go down for breakfast and this is what her room looks like after cleaning. We have the same battle everyday about her room and all of her stuff. She says it's her treasures and special things, but everything is special to her. We have a play room, so I don't know why she insists on keeping everything in her room. I know this is a battle I will never win because her dad saves everything as well, so we're blaming it on him.


Dalton Family said...

That is so like Hannah. Sometimes I can't stand it anymore and when she is not home I take a garbage bag and start throwing things away. I know I am a bad mom for doing that!

Mother of 4, Caregiver of 10 said...

I am afraid that if I throw it away while she is gone she'll freak out and start hiding things from me. Of course I don't think she has any place left to hide things, everything she owns is full of stuff already.

Tink said...

Well, sadly, my thought seeing it was that you're fighting a losing battle and you might as well just give her more storage space. I don't know if you CAN turn a clutterbug into a clean freak. I've battled with my clutter tendency for years now, and I'm beginning to think it's not something I'll ever overcome!

J and C said...

My mom always helped us by using the "Black Bag" method while we were right there. She would ask us and we would beg and plead to keep the junk, but still half of it would go in the black bag, to meet the trash man next Tuesday (or Goodwill if in good shape). I am glad she did it. I learned how to really keep the important stuff and what is not. They need to be present though in order to learn how to let things go. It worked for me, I am sure it could work for you guys! Good Luck!

(P.S. I am sorry I haven't checked out your blog sooner. I ran into your daughter at church and double checked that this was you. When you first commented on my blog, you didn't have a picture up on your profile, and I was so new to the ward, I knew your face not name... SO anyway, now I know! Welcome to the blogdom!)

Kirchner Family said...

I have 4 girls and I can tell you that with only 1 exception (and she is a perfectionist, so she doesn't count) that is just the way girls are - girls collect and keep everything and every time we clean the room - that just makes them want to go in there play for 2hours and its trashed again! But aren't they soo cute!

clicker59 said...

LOL a lot of that has to do with her age and personality.