Friday, March 20, 2009

Well, it's spring break and I have a ton of kids today. When I have more than seven or eight kids here, or when we go places I am always afraid that I will loose one or I won't notice that one of the little ones is getting into trouble or when there is a lot of little ones I forget who's been changed or who still needs to go potty so the partners help me remember. I always line the kids up littlest to biggest and assign partners. I take the first person and the last person in the line and send them off as partners and do this until I run out of kids. Today I sent the kids out to play in the yard so that I could do some laundry (actually the were driving me crazy so I kicked them out) I kept hearing Sarah screaming at Sierra. I was trying to ignore it but they're not allowed to scream at each other so as I was heading for the back yard I heard Sarah tell Sierra you have to do what I say I'm your boss remember. Apparently I'm not very good at explaining partnership to my children. When I said watch them and make sure they don't get into trouble Sarah took that as scream at them until they do what you want. Sarah and Sierra are best cousins (instead of best friends) and they are exactly the same size so no matter how many kids we have here they always seem to be in the middle of the line when I say line up and they are always partnered together so I wonder how long this has been going on without us noticing.

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