Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Putt Putt

Every six weeks Tanner gets a Putt Putt coupon in his report card so by the end of the year we have enough coupons to take the kids to Putt Putt for free. This year we also took Kortni (Sarah's new BFF) and Jacob since we had two extra coupons.
And the best part of the whole day - Ice Cream!!

Saturday, July 18, 2009


It turns out that Tanner has a secret tallent for playing the piano. While we were at the museum yesterday he would stop at every piano we passed and start playing little songs. A couple of times the museum guide would stop and comment on how well he could play but I was too busy chasing after the other five kids to realize what she was saying but when we got to the last room and everyone stopped to look at the really old MRE's and Tanner went off to play on the big piano I realized she was talking about my child. After a few minutes of playing around he had figured out twinkle twinkle little star and a few theme songs from some of his favorite movies.

Friday, July 17, 2009

FIeld Trips

Since I only had two kids today I decided would be a good day to take a field trip. And since the weather was so nice (95 instead of 111) we decided to take three field trips instead of one and they were all free.
First we went to the water park. It went a lot better this week than last. I tolerate 95 much better than 109 deg.

Next we went to the museum. I forgot my camera but did snap a few pictures with my phone.

We learned about the old way of cooking. And then about old toys.
And how old things worked. We were told about old farm equipment and the kids got to play around with some of it.
Then we learned how to get water without plumbing. They decided they prefer the well to the pump because it looked creepier inside the well.
Next was the potty. They didn't know what to think of a toilet that sat more than one person and they were not impressed when we explained that outhouses don't flush.
Next they got to go in the only surviving log cabin of the white settlement and see how people actually lived back then. They couldn't believe that an entire family lived in a one room cabin that isn't much larger than our master bathroom.
After the cabin they learned how a log cabin was built without power tools. They had a blast and asked if we could go back next week and every week after. This isn't their first time to visit the museum but this seems to be the most memorable for them.
Oh, and they decided today that the museum has the best climbing trees in the world.
Our third field trip was to the movie in the park. Every Friday night in June and July White Settlement has a free movie in the baseball field behind the concession stand. This week was angels in the outfield which my children have seen several times but to them it was way better to watch it on the ball field. We didn't get any pictures because it was too dark.


When it comes to appliances I am cursed. They don't last long in my house but i use them a lot so they wear out fast. Yesterday I bragged about being caught up on the dishes. I even blogged about it but not anymore. The dishwasher refuses to start. It has power and water and it will turn on but it refuses to start the wash cycle. I think this is the fastest I have worn out a dishwasher.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

A sight not seen very often in our house

Look it's the bottom of the sink!

Today when I found out that I wasn't going to be able to keep the chickens I was a little upset. The man that I was talking to from the city was very frustrating and not very understanding and didn't seem to care that the neighbor had been harassing me since we moved in. I was so frustrated that I had to call a friend for help. Her husband was was gone in the car so she called around and found someone to come watch the kids for me. Donelle came over to watch the kids for me so I could get out of the house for a little bit. I was so frustrated I would have gone over and had words with the neighbor if she hadn't come to rescue me. And then I would probably have gone to jail so we are all grateful for Donell and Maria today. Anyway while I was gone she washed my dishes and folded my clothes for me. I hardly ever get all the dishes done. I run my dishwasher like three times a day and four on Mondays but I am never caught up on dishes. I was so great to come home to an empty sink. For me it's better than a birthday present because I hate doing dishes. Thanks guys for helping.

The chickens are going :(

After all the fighting and arguing with the city and all the crap from the neighbor we lost our battle and the chickens have to go. I don't know what the neighbors problem is but for some reason whenever my husband leaves town the neighbor feels the need to harass me. The city has changed the wording on the ordinance and I can no longer keep my chickens. I have 28 days to get rid of all the chickens. I was going to go talk to the neighbor but the police said it would be in my best interest if I didn't approach him. I have no idea what I am going to do with them since we now know that we can't cull the chickens in the city limits. I know that the neighbor isn't going to give up and I am tired of fighting so the chickens are going so if anyone wants a few chickens just let me know.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Maddy's Party

We celebrated Madison's party at Raymond Park in White Settlement. It is a cute little park with a lot of fun things to do including water activities. The kids were having a blast but the mommies and Hannah were melting so we brought the cake and presents back to our house to finish the party.

Playin in the Park

I've been going a little crazy lately with so few kids around. I usually keep at least ten or eleven kids plus my own four but just recently one of the moms has decided two of her kids are old enough to stay home alone which was a little hard for me because I have watched them most of their lives. I have also recently made the decision to stop watching two kids, not because of the kids but because of the parents. When I went from fifteen or more kids to about eleven kids it was very strange around here. I couldn't adjust to the quiet in my house. It seamed like all of the kids just got quieter all of the sudden. And my house was staying cleaner as well because for some reason the kids were all playing outside instead of inside all of a sudden. So last Thursday I was going absolutely crazy with nothing to do and no new books to read and only thirteen kids I decided to take the kids to the park. They wanted to feed the ducks but when when that many kids came running towards them they took off so we fed the turtles and tadpoles instead. We had a lot of fun so I think we'll start going to the park at least once a week now.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Fishing under the Fireworks

We decided to go fishing Saturday night which happened to be the 4th. We started on the jetties but people were shooting fireworks over our heads and into the water. The shrapnel from the fireworks was landing in the water and scaring away the fish so we had to o to the pier. We didn't have much luck at the pier either. The pesky kids kept throwing firecrackers off the pier into the water. I was tempted to throw them off the pier a few times. I think of everywhere we've been on the fourth Gulfport has been the best place to watch the fireworks. For as you can see up and down the coast people are setting off fireworks. And not the little things you buy on the side of the road that only give up a little sparkle but full displays. The hotels and casinos were launching them from their roofs, people were launching them off the back of their boats, and even the Coast Guard was launching them off their pier. I think next year Kari and I are going to take all the kids to Mississippi for the the 4th of July.
(The pictures of fireworks didn't turn out that great but it's a little hard to take pictures and fish at the same time.)

Happy Birthday Maddy Phatty Anny Panny

Yesterday was Madison's Birthday so we surprised her with trip to McDonald's. All the kids had a blast except for Brendan who thinks he's to old for McDonald's.