Monday, March 30, 2009

Stupid Repairman

Thursday the repairman came to fix the dishwasher which he insisted wasn't broken. He was sure that when we repaired it we didn't put it back together correctly and that was the only problem. I tried to explain that we didn't try to repair anything, we only tried to clean the trap so that the nasty water can drain. He said there was nothing wrong with it and it wasn't clogged and it was running just fine. He said that if we eve tried to make repairs on the dishwasher again he would report us and our warrant would be voided. After he left I didn't bother to run the dishwasher because I had no dirty dishes so on Friday when I ran the dishwasher the dishes came out dirty. I thought maybe I forgot to run the disposal or maybe I forgot to put the sop in so I rewashed the dishes, The second time they came out dirtier than the first. After that I hand washed all the dishes and went to bed. Saturday I tried to use the dishwasher again and the dishes came out dirty again so I called the company and they will be sending someone out Thursday so until then I will be washing by hand. I know what the problem is and if I had the tool I would fix it myself. I guess I could just call them every week until they fix it or the warranty runs out.


Sharla said...

Good luck! I hope this thurs goes better than your last one. By the time you are done with the repair men that they keep sending maybe they will just repair your dishwasher!

clicker59 said...

Yikes if the next person doesn't fix it you need to call the Better Business Bauer and report this in Shannon.