Monday, March 30, 2009

That Elder Sumani can really move some stuff!

The missionaries came over Saturday to help my husband move the barn. It was a lot of fun to watch. Us folks in the peanut gallery were quite impressed.
A good job from Sarah
At first the plan was to jack it up and shove real hard,
but after a few measurements the realized that only Elder Sumani was actually making progress so they had to formulate a new plan.
The new plan was for Elder Montgomery and Oscar were to stabilize the barn and make sure it didn't fall off the jacks while Elder Sumani went around and pushed one corner at a time.
Break time.
In the end they were able to move the barn about 2 1/2 feet back and about 2 feet to the right. Elder Montgomery and myself weren't very faithful that they could do it with just the three of them. I thought they were gonna need a crane and Elder Montgomery thought they would need more people or more time, but Elder Sumani proved us wrong.

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Sharla said...

Yeah for Elder Sumani! I don't know if I would've believed it, but the pictures are worth it! I'm glad it was moved and hopefully your neighbor can not complain about that anymore!