Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What's for lunch?

Okay, so I think my husband is trying to fatten me up before he leaves so I don't run off and divorce him while he's in Afghanistan. (because that happens) He keeps bringing me treats and junk food. Today he surprised me with my favorite lunch ever.
Seasoned fries and blue cheese dressing from the farmers market. There was also a giant brownie, but I ate it, this is the leftovers of my lunch. At the Ridgmar Farmers Market you can get a huge basket of fries(that basket was over flowing before I ate them) and a giant brownie for $2 so whenever my husband has to go to the base during his lunch break he stops at the farmers market so he can surprise me with lunch. It used to be a once every couple of months thing, but now it happens a couple of times a month. He also keeps bringing me chocolate bars and cookies and on his drill weekends he brings me whoppers he says because there is a Burger King on the base but I think he has other motives.

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Sharla said...

Either way... yum! At least your taste buds will enjoy it, even if the waist line doesn't. If you don't want the yummy food, I'll come eat it for you :)