Friday, April 17, 2009

Happy Easter

Usually I do the Easter shopping but this year I sent Oscar to do the shopping. I told him to get outdoor toys like sand castle buckets and sports equipment and to get each kids a package of candy like M&M's or something. He came back with plastic eggs and a bunch of little toys and a lot of confetti. It was a mess but they had fun. For the boys he got rubber band plains and a badminton set and Sarah got a bunny. It was a mess but they had fun.

Zander was a little scared of the confetti eggs at first but he got over it.

Hannah came home with us after church so Sarah selectively shared her treats.

Instead of candy Oscar bought two kind of Yogo's snacks. They are Tanners favorite but I never buy them because they are too expensive and I hardly ever give them fruit snacks.

Brendan is our not messy child so he cautiously opened his eggs behind the couch to avoid getting dirty.

Sarah and Hannah had a blast with the confetti while the boys ate all the treats.

After eating like 16 Yogo's Brendan decided to cut them open to find out what's actually in there. He was a little disappointed to find that they aren't actually filled with yogurt like the box said. We always make them wait until after church before they get their treats and every years some one wakes up and asks why the Easter Bunny didn't come. Every year we have to remind them that we don't have an Easter Bunny we have an Easter Daddy and they can have treats after church.
We also make them write down everything they know about Easter
Brendan - I know about Easter day that the Christ died and it really is supposed to be about Jesus and not that Easter Bunny. He died for us and we got to give away all of our sins to him. He died for our sins.
Sarah - Easter is when Jesus died for us. He died to repent for our sins and the very next Easter he came back to life again. That is why we have Easter. She also drew a picture of Jesus on the cross with a speech bubble that says I repent for everyone, please for give them.
Hannah - What Easter really is made of. Easter is when Jesus died and repented for our sins and came back to life but first he stayed on the cross for three days stinking and rotted and dead and then he came back to life again and so will we.
Tanner - Easter is the day Jesus rose from the dead. We are not supposed to be celebrating, we are supposed to be calm.
Zander drew a picture of a bunny because he couldn't draw Jesus he said. I think he's a little upset that we don't have an Easter Bunny but he'll get over it.

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Sharla said...

Happy Easter! I love that the kids wrote down what they know about Jesus - great idea. Oh, and yes, we had a lot of eggs -that's what grandma is for :) Now I need to figure out how to get rid of them!