Thursday, April 23, 2009

School Pictures

Brendan is 11 now. He is taking band this year and loves to garden and doing experiments around the house. He is still just as loving as ever and knows no strangers.

Sarah is 10 and is still as active as a flea. She loves aggravating her brothers and thinks every girl that comes into our house should stay and be her sister. She is girl deprived. (not a very good picture I know but she had pictures after PE)

Tanner just turned 9. He is very responsible, more so than the other kids. He wants to go on a mission when he grows up and on Sunday he likes to sit with the missionaries and read scriptures like they do.

Zander will be 7 in a month. He is our stubborn one who refuses to read or tie his shoes.He's also a daddies boy. He wants to do everything that daddies doing. He enjoys a good nap and still asks for one almost every day when he comes home from school.


Kirchner Family said...

They are adorable!

luvmykids said...

He asks to take a nap? That is amazing! My kids hate them! I never realized how close in age your first three are! I think they all look great!

clicker59 said...

Shannon OK You can sit with me for 5 hours and it doesn't make any differenace Iyou did the samne thing and still blank