Monday, April 13, 2009

Candled Eggs

Candling eggs is like a sonogram for chickens. Here are some pictures of our candled eggs that we have been incubating.

The first is a fresh egg that we candled for comparison.

This one is an older egg and contains a large chick. The big dark shadow is the chick.

This is a younger egg with a smaller chick.

Here is a green egg that we candled with a very small chick.
I wish my camcorder worked in the dark so I could post a video. When you candle the eggs you can see the heart beating and on older chicks you can even see them moving around. There were a couple of very active chicks that seemed to be jumping in their shells. They looked like early baby sonogram videos.


Sharla said...

That was cool! I was wondering how your eggs were coming along :). Thanks for sharing - would be cool to see in person!

BiscottiQueen said...

Oh cool! I love candling eggs... I did get a video of my duck eggs once. I should really candle the ones I have going now.