Thursday, April 16, 2009

Time Out

Apparently Time Out is exhausting. Two of the kids went to time out for biting and pinching other kids. After a few minutes I noticed they weren't crying any more. When I went to check on them they had both crashed. My day just got a lot easier. I love early naps!!


Anonymous said...

Ok so that is so funny-I love it when kids do that, all thought I can't help feeling a little shafted out of the punishment, awe well. Your family is awesome. Oh way cool eggs by the way and the car-jealous. Lastly the fatty foods, how is it fair, they can eat whatever they want and even thought I wont stop eating, I can't!
P.S. (whatever) but about the blogging print off, I totaly love that idea too.

Sharla said...

Yeah for Time out and naps! Well, it was a great quiet time anyway. It worked in your favor so no complaints. Teach them to bite and hit!