Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Family Pictures

Last Saturday we went to the Botanical Gardens for family Pictures. My friend Denise took the pictures while her husband Robert tried to entertain children. She is so amazing and she even got pictures of all of my children to smiling at the same time. We do pictures every year and every year they are terrible. Zander is always grouchy, Brendan has a fake smile, Sarah never sits still so she is usually a blur, and Tanner is usually making funny faces. In the end Oscar usually looks angry and I look like I am going to scream out of frustration because no one cooperates. This year was different though because I bribed Zander. I told him if he was good I would let him play in the mud and he was good. When he behaved they all behaved.

If you click on the last picture you'll notice that Tanner snuck in bunny ears.


randivon said...

That picture of your kids on the bridge is fantastic! Who did you have take them?

Mother of 4, Caregiver of 6 said...

Denise Honshtein. Her photography blog is Noel Photography in my blog list.

luvmykids said...

Those are wonderful! You guys look great!!