Sunday, April 12, 2009

My new car

This is my first car ever. Oscar has had a lot of cars, mostly SUV's, but this one is mine. I know absolutely nothing about it except that it is last years model, it has a little ram on the steering wheel, and it has an optional standard or automatic gear shift and I only know that because Oscar keeps warning me about it. I just told the sales man what I wanted and he showed us a few vans. I chose the one I wanted in the color I wanted and my husband did all the usual boy stuff like check under the hood and discussed gas mileage and what not. They haggled over the price and then he signed all the papers (I don't get to sign papers because I have absolutely no credit. I didn't get to sign the papers on the house either, they actually had to take my name off the mortgage because my no credit was keeping my husband from getting a good interest rate on the house. They keep telling me no credit is about the same as bad credit when it comes to big purchases.) and we took it home. It took me several minutes to figure out the key before I could even start the thing.
I never needed a car before he joined the navy, I just made him do all the errands and Dr. appointments and occasionally I would drive the Tahoe's or the van but now hes leaving so I made him trade the truck for my van.
Here is the inside
It's smaller than the Tahoe but I don't run things over in it. Did I mention that it has seats that fold into the floor so I don't have to take out and carry big heavy seats when I need them out of the way.
BTW - Oscar plans on buying a Hummer while he's in Afghanistan so I don't feel the least bit guilty about making him give up his beloved Tahoe.


randivon said...

I saw this car pull out of the parking lot yesterday at church and I could not figure out who's car it was. Thank you for clearing this up for me. The car looks great. Congrats!

luvmykids said...

That looks super nice! Congratulations on the new ride!

Tink said...

Ooh! It's beautiful! Congrats!!!