Friday, June 5, 2009

Zander's 7

Of all the boys Zander has been the smallest at each age. He has also been the slowest to do things. He just started reading a few weeks ago. He didn't loose his first tooth until a month ago. He's still figuring out how to tie his shoes. He still needs help brushing his teeth and hair. He insist he can't make his bed or put his laundry away. He is our only child that can't swim. All the others were swimming by the age of three and were excellent swimmers by five. He refused to feed himself as a baby and refused to walk as well. The Dr. said he's not delayed in developing he just has so many people around he doesn't need to do things for himself. He's not a morning person and hates waking up for school. He thinks the last day of school being on his birthday is the best present ever. He's gonna be real happy next year when school will start at 8:40 instead of 7:30. Maybe he'll finally give up his nap. His favorite foods are broccoli and zucchini. He also loves strawberry soy milk. When he grows up he wants to be a garbage man. He loves to build things and loves to cook. His favorite sport is golf. He doesn't have a favorite sibling or a favorite parent. He's our little snuggle bug and we love him very much!
Sarah made a sign for the door so everyone would remember.

I don't think we have any baby pictures of Zander when he wasn't sleeping. He was a very good sleeper.

Here he is at 1

and two





and almost seven.



He is his Bobo's little "imp". He is #11 out of my 13 grandchildren. I used to rock him and Madison when they were newborns, being only 5 weeks apart, and they would always hold each others hands or snuggle close to each other. It felt so good to be able to hold them together, I wish they wouldn't grow up so fast. Even now, though, when he is up to no good, it's hard for me to be upset with him, because he gets that little "imp" look on his face, and I just want to kiss him all over, and not discipline him.

Mother of 4, Caregiver of 8 said...

They are 4 weeks apart.

Sadie said...

Happy Birthday Zander! My oldest, Faith, is 7 also :)


Oops, you are right. It's because you guys insisted on getting pregnant at the same time, I'm unable to keep up with their birthdays. Sometimes I'm lucky to keep up with their names.