Monday, June 1, 2009

The Garden

Strange things are happening in my garden. I planted two of everything and they were planted at the same time and yet they look like half the garden boxes were given super steroid fertilizer and the other half weren't.

Here are the carrots

one box

and the other

And the potatoes

one box

and the other.

The squash came out about the same but one is a little bigger and has a ton more edible veggies.

The tomatoes are three different sizes and they're in the same box.

The zucchini is the most shocking.

Here they are together.

The big one

and the little one.

I guess it doesn't matter what size the plants are as long as they give us food. I just thinks it's strange how they come out so different for having exactly the same care.

Oh, this is what we're having for dinner.



Yeah Shannon, I'm so glad you are actually getting some veggies! Keep up the good work!

Sharla said...

This was a funny post! What is up with the plants? Well, at least you are getting to enjoy the food! Our plants haven't been doing too well this year, oh well. We should come eat at your house evidently :)

Kirchner Family said...

What a green thumb you have! Great Job!