Thursday, June 4, 2009

School Shoes

My kids are very hard on shoes. Every year they go through at least two or three pairs of school shoe. It doesn't matter what brand we buy. We have had Nike, Reebok, New Balance, Sketchers, Target, Walmart, Payless, and what ever is on sell at Sam's. This year I decided they were only getting Walmart shoes and I was saving the money that I would have spent on shoes and using it for Uniforms next year. It didn't work because they had to have a third pair of shoes this year. In March I caved in and bought new shoes because all their shoes were trashed. This is what my kids do to shoes in just twelve weeks.

These are Brendans. Not too bad, just some wearing on the sides.
Sarahs aren't that bad either, just a little worn on the toes, but she has like fifteen pairs of shoes so she only wears these two or three times a week.

Zanders are a little worse. There are holes in the toes and the leather is worn off the sides.

Tanners are the worst. Not only is there holes in the toes and the leather worn off the sides but he also has a huge hole on the side of one shoes and he's working on a matching one for the other side.
He truly is the worst with shoes and clothes. Every pair of pants he owns has a hole in just the left knee and every pair of shoes he has owned had a hole within a month. We don't know why this is or what he does that causes it. We're not talking little holes either. These are big holes that would take Brendan a year to get. We told him one day that he was not allowed to get a hole in his new school pants. He wasn't allowed to crawl around on the ground, no monkey bars, no playing chase, no climbing on things. He wasn't even allowed to walk on the side walk. He had to walk next to it in case he tripped and fell because he would tear his pants if he fell on the side walk. When he came through the door after school he just started sobbing. He was so upset because he did everything we told him. He even sat out at recess and didn't even play at all and still there was a little hole in the left knee of his pants. I have given up on trying to save his clothes. We now have a clothes budget just for Tanners pants and shoes.


Sharla said...

Just one more day!!! Man, they don't make clothes/shoes like they used to! Or maybe kids are just harder on them :)

Tink said...

I was really confused why Colin used to always come home from school with a hole just on the right side of his pants, until I found out that the kids at recess had a game where they'd run and slide on their knees and see how far they could get (rolling my eyes here). I guess Tanner is left-kneed and Colin is right-kneed! (:

The shoes, though, are another story. I have never seen holes like that. You should follow him around with a camcorder for a day and figure that one out! (;


He gets it from his Aunt Jennifer. Don't you remember? We could take a new pair of shoes out of the shoe box, put them on her in the house, pick her up, carry her straight to the car, and by the time we could get her in the car, she would have somehow scuffed the toe of one of the shoes? We never could figure out how she would do it. It was always the left shoe.