Sunday, June 21, 2009


Saturday afternoon Oscar was supposed to go get a haircut but decided to take a nap instead. By the time he woke up every barber shop and hair salon from here to Hulen had closed. We did find a cool cuts and after explaining what happened they agreed to cut his hair.

We tried to get him to sit on the fire truck or taxi cab but he wouldn't. It was a very cute place with movies and games and lots of fun things for kids to do while they get their haircut.

And of course they offer a wide variety of toys that parents can buy to bribe their kids to get them to leave they store because it's so much fun.



Too bad he didn't fit in one of the kid chair's. it would make good "Navy" blackmail.

Tink said...

That's awesome! Greg has actually had his hair cut there several times (while the boys were getting theirs done) - and he never took advantage of the cool toys, either! (: