Saturday, June 6, 2009

New Paint

I am pretty sure I have fever and I'm not very good at staying in bed with a fever. I can't just lay around feeling crummy, I have to get up and do something until my fever brakes and then I go to bed. My fever project for today was to start painting the house.
I use a ton of tape when I paint but I was a little shocked at the price of tape today so I decided to try something new. A friend told me of her success with a paint pad that's made for edging and suggested I try it. It didn't work very well around some of the trim and base boards but it worked great on the ceiling and the trim around the doors so it has now become my new favorite painting tool.
My fever project for later tonight is going to be copying all the old movies to DVDs. I priced out what it would cost to send them out to have it done and figured out it would be cheaper to do it myself so that's what I'm doing.

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