Sunday, June 14, 2009

Brendan's Sleepover

Ten reasons why boy sleepovers are way better than girl sleepovers.

First, no matter how many invitations you send out only a few boys show up (unlike girl sleepovers where you get more girls than invitations go out).

Second, this is all the food you have to make for a boy sleepover and there's leftovers for lunch the next day.

Third, you don't have to send the little kids away. They can just upstairs and entertain themselves.

Fourth, they entertain themselves. We didn't have to do crafts, have dance competitions, play group games, nothing. We put them in front of the TV and they entertained themselves with games and movies.

Fifth, Dad gets to stay up until 4am and sleep on the couch.

Sixth, they sleep in and if they wake up they go back to sleep instead of trying to wake everyone else up.

Seventh, this is breakfast and no one complains.

Eighth, you don't get a bunch of crap that your daughter can't wear or isn't allowed to use. Boys bring gift cards so parents can decide what the kids get for their birthday. His will be used to buy minutes for his new phone.
Ninth, boys request simpler cakes so I can make then a couple of hours before the party instead of starting three days ahead.
And the tenth reason boy sleepovers are better than girl sleepovers - you don't have to tell people to put their clothes back on, their jokes are funny not hateful, they don't act like snots, boys don't have clicks, and their dancing is funny and not totally inappropriate.



Looks like they had a blast! I wish I could've been there.

Sharla said...

Oh I love this post! The dancing was great! Oh, and sleeping in - awesome! Maybe girls shouldn't have sleepovers and only boys should.
Your bug was a monster - we have a tiny one to show off on our blog :). Too funny

luvmykids said...

Love the party! Looks like it was a lot fun. That cake was amazing!