Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Playdate and Cake

Yesterday while reading another blog I found a post about a candy barrel cake and deceided I needed to make one. I invited best friend chicas mamma (Cherilynns name for Sharla) and her kids over to enjoy some cake too (I as willing to eat it myself but figured I might oughta share).
It was a three layer chocolate cake with chocolate chips in the mix. Frosted with chocolate whip cream frosting. It had crushed butterfingers between the layers, wrapped in KitKats, and topped with M&M's
Some of the kids didn't stick around long enough for pictures.
Mhari doesn't eat chocolate so she entertained herself with the M&M's.
Zander didn't eat any cake but did have some candy. He was more interested in bugging the baby than eating.
I think Sandra got the bowl with the biggest piece and surprisingly ate most of it.
Grant couldn't quite finish his.
Sarah went around and ate every ones leftover candy.
Tanner was a little upset that he couldn't have seconds.
Talmage and Brendan didn't stick around for pictures.
And this was breakfast this morning.

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J and C said...

I love cake for breakfast... Should I admit that!! By the way, this cake and the awesome wii cake have been really fun to see! YOu did a great job!