Monday, May 4, 2009

Well, he isn't dead

Today one of the older kids who didn't have school was asking about the rooster. He was curious because he never hears him crow anymore. I explained that we had to move him into the garage because of the neighbor. He went to the garage and said he couldn't find him. I explained the he was under a rug behind a big box and sent him with some food and water for the roo. He came back a few minutes later and said Oreo wasn't moving or making any noise. I climbed down from the swing set and went to go check on Oreo. He wasn't moving or making any noise. Normally when we turn on the lights he starts crowing, but he didn't even crow when we shook the cage. I swear that thing was dead. When Tanner came home he was very upset that I let his rooster die (he thinks the rooster and all the chickens are his). When I asked him to take out the trash he decided to see the rooster one last time. When he pulled back the rugs that darn rooster started crowing. I guess he was just playing dead or maybe he was a little over heated with the rugs covering his cage. He was still crowing and trying to peck me when I open the cage to check his water a few minutes ago so I think he's gonna live for a few more days.


Kirchner Family said...

Ha! Funny!

clicker59 said...

Well sounds like he is mad at you for seperating him from his roommates

whiterice said...

Oh....close one!

Not looking forward to the day when I have explain the death of one of our chickens to my son.