Monday, May 4, 2009


Zander lost his first tooth. It took forever and we didn't think it would ever happen.
He'll be seven in a few weeks so it was about darn time!

While he was washing his tooth it dropped down the drain. He was very upset because he really lost his first lost tooth. When I explained to him he would still get his $1 even without the tooth some of the extra kids were a little curious. Cheyanna and Brienna asked how the tooth fairy would come if he didn't put a tooth under the pillow. I told them we don't have a tooth fairy. They were very confused and then asked well were does the money come from and what happens to the teeth? I told them their parents would have to explain that and sent two confused kids to the backyard to figure things out. I broke the extra kids, sorry Marla and Shana.


clicker59 said...

Shannon ha ha ha kids are so funny about things like that


It's a good thing that Madison isn't here. She would pull another one for him, even if it isn't loose. That way he'll something to put under his pillow.

Mother of 4, Caregiver of 8 said...

She's been trying since Spring Break to pull it for him. He's too chicken to let her though. She is the reason it was ever loose in the first place. untill she got a hold of it that sucker was firmly planted.

Kirchner Family said...

So Cute - glad to see your tooth fairy pays the same as mine - my daughter started talking to another 1st grader the other day and her tooth fairy gives her 20$ for a tooth - I told Ashley that the other girls tooth fairy is richer than ours!!! I mean REALLY what was I supposed to say! 20 bucks - I want her tooth fairy!