Friday, May 29, 2009


I just want to brag about one of the kids I babysit. She is the best child I have ever watched. I can't beleive they pay me to watch her. She hardly ever gets in trouble and she does everything I ask her to do. About a year ago I asked her to get me a diaper so that I can change one of the babies and she said she wanted to learn how to change diapers so I showed her. Ever since then she has been changing diapers. It started out as just wet diapers and then at the beginning of the school year she said she wanted to try a dirty diaper so I let her. Every day she comes home from school and asks if the babies have been changed yet. Sometimes I go two or three days without changing stinky diapers because the babies are two now and only make stinky once in the afternoon. It is so nice. She also loves to do house work. Whenever I am doing house work she always wants to help. The other day I was getting ready to clean the bathroom when Briena asked if she could do it for me. I showed her how do everything except scrub the toilet and she did a really good job for a kid. The next day I asked her to go get the bucket of bathroom cleaning supplies from one of the upstairs bathrooms. She asked why since she had just cleaned the bathrooms the day before and I told her that I had to scrub the toilets. She wanted to know why I didn't let her scrub the toilets and wanted to try it. I showed her how in the downstairs bathroom and the she did the two upstairs bathrooms. She liked it so much that she wants bathrooms to be her regular chore during clean up time. No more diapers or toilets for me YEAH!! Besides the colorful language and attitude that she has introduced Sarah to this girl has brought real joy into my life.

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