Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The roosters dinner!

Oscar was to chicken to do it so the elders came by last night to take care of it. Elder Samani dispatched the chicken for us. The elders brought another set of missionaries with them and Brother Williams came to watch as well.

Oscar skinned and plucked the rooster and I butchered it.
He was a skinny little booger. There was hardly any meat on him and no fat at all. Before he was plucked and skinned he looked very fat and healthy but I guess it was all feathers.
In the end we had we were only able to get the breasts, the thighs, and the legs. The rest was to scrawny to do anything with.
I actually missed the whole thing because I was helping parent gather their kids. Tanner hid in the house during the action and Brendan stayed in the clubhouse. Sarah and Zander took advantage of the preoccupied parents and played in the mud.


Tink said...

Well, I applaud you for doing that. I'm way too much of a wimp - I would have to be literally starving before I could eat an animal I'd seen running around! (:


I can't believe you really did it! What happened to not killing anything that has been named!

Mother of 4, Caregiver of 8 said...

I told them not to name him because he was gonna be dinner but they didn't listen.

Domestic Diva said...

i think I would have been off playing in the mud too! I used to have to help my grandparents butcher chickens every year. When I was young, my job was to wait by the big tub of ice cold water they put the carcasses in once they were de feathered and gutted. I had to stick my hands in the water and feel the chickens for any feathers that may have been over looked, and pluck what i found.

Nowadays, I buy boneless, skinless chicken. I've wimped out over the years :)

The Alford's Corner said...

I told my husband that I wanted to get rid of 2 of our RIR's but he said that he couldn't do it that they are his pets.