Tuesday, May 26, 2009

We fell asleep

For our anniversary we had planned on laying around the house in our PJ's and watching movies all day but when we laid down we fell asleep. We slept through most of the day and missed all the movies we wanted to watch. We were a little bummed so we recruited my mom to babysit so we could go out to dinner and see a movie. It was already after bedtime, but the kids still wanted to try to wait up for us. They didn't make it.

Tanner can't sleep unless he is in his bed. Whenever he gets tired he just goes to bed. No mater what's going on he has to sleep in his bed. Sometimes When Oscar is out of town the kids sleep in my bed and after all the other kids fall asleep Tanner will ask if it's okay to go to his bed.

Brendan and Zander fell asleep watching movies. On the weekends wherever Brendan sleeps Zander sleeps.

Sarah held out the longest. She was waiting to go home with Bobo but she crashed just before we got home.


luvmykids said...

Those are great pictures! I am glad you guys were able to go out. How special!

clicker59 said...

Those are so cute.