Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Zanny BooBoo, AKA the awsome genius who will one day rule the world

I think Zander is an equal mix of Oscar and my self. If he needs lovey/snugly time or doesn't feel good he comes to mom but if he wants to celebrate an accomplishment he goes straight to dad. He loves to please his daddy and he does everything he can to make dad happy. When he comes home from school he wants to show all his work to dad and he only ever wants to do homework with dad. If mom has to help him instead he insists that I call Oscar as soon as we are done to tell him how he did. In the morning when it's time for Oscar to pick up the kids Zander is almost bouncing in his seat. Due to being developmentally delayed he struggled a long time with school but he has adjusted this year and now he loves it. He loves snuggle and hang out, he enjoys his sleep and hates mornings, he likes to be goofy and to joke around, he is brave and a little bit of a dare devil, he is very inquisitive (which get him in a lot of trouble), he likes to try new things and to push the boundaries, he is very demanding sometimes, he is attached to everything he owns and everything is special to him, and even when he is grouchy or raging I still think he is just so dang cute. His best brother is Tanner but he loves Sarah and Brendan just as much. His favorite words are awesome, genius, I rule, and oh yeah, you know that's wright. He has started using the word crap in almost every sentence thanks to Tanner.When he grows up he wants to rule the world. He thinks he suffers from a lack of attention due to being the youngest but he actually has it backwards. Up until 6 months ago I am pretty sure the whole house revolved around him. When we talk about him but don't want for him to know we are talking about him we refer to him as that one, that's his code name. One day when we were talking about an upcoming appointment that was going to require shots he came in from the other room and said "Stop calling me THAT ONE and I am not getting shots!" He was the only one to ever figure out his code name. On Tuesday he decided he wanted to learn how to ride a bike with no training wheels. He insisted it be Tuesday, he couldn't wait until the weekend. He struggled a lot because he is so small and the bike weighs almost as much as he does and his legs are too short to reach the ground. He was too stubborn to give up though. He practiced until dinner and then after he went back out with dad and rode some more until was too dark to see. He was so proud of himself and excited that he was able to hang out with dad past bedtime as well. He is our precious little snuggle bug and I truly enjoy all the challenges presents me with.

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