Friday, March 16, 2012

Tramping aka Camping on the Trampoline

Camping on the trampoline was something we started when the kids were little and we wanted to go camping but Oscar couldn't take time off work. This week they wanted to go camping but I was too sick to take then and Bobo was to sick for me to leave home so they were stuck at home with nothing to do. They were spending their days playing games but I finally had to kick the kids off the computer, I couldn't take it anymore, so we decided to go tramping. We had to get a new tent that fit on the trampoline because our last small tent got attacked by moths.

We roasted marshmallows.

And then crammed in for the night. I tried to arrange then into a more comfortable pattern but they all moved back. the girls got kicked and stepped on all night and a few time I had to unbury Kerrington from underneath the boys.

They spent the evening reading books and acting goofy :)
Zander was the first to fall asleep, poor baby was so tired, but eventually they all crashed.
And I read through the night because people with whiplash and motion sickness should not try to sleep on trampolines.
Oh, this is my new nebulizer that runs on rechargeable camera batteries so I didn't have to keep going in during the night to take a breathing treatment. This thing was the best $70 I've spent. now I can walk around with the nebulizer instead of being stuck in the chair all the time and I can take it anywhere I go YAY!

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