Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spring Break

Spring break is half way over. We have been blessed with beautiful weather. The kind of weather that makes you want to spend all day outside. The kids have not even been fazed by the nice weather, they have had no interest in going outside. Instead this is how they have chosen to spend their break:
If your kids haven't discovered the kids version of a social network Animal Jam from Nat Geo Wild then you have lucked out. It's like face book for kids but educational. They have to be animal characters and they absolutely cannot share any personal information. (Tanner asked a kid what school they went to and was suspended for inappropriate behaviour while they investigated the matter) My kids and nieces are obsessed with it. Mary Kay and I have started referring to it as crack for tweens. They are constantly checking peoples status, sending messages and hooking up for games.
Oh, the kids declared Monday junk food day so this was dinner :)
A self portrait of Sarah. When she was little she used to dance around like the little cartoon girl on the banana commercial so my sister started calling her Chakita Banita. Now when ever some one gets the banana with the sticker (I think we eat at least a dozen bananas a day) they always stick them to her while referring to her as Chakita Banita. At 13 she still doesn't mind them sticking stickers to her, however if you refer to her as baby girl she will totally freak out on you, strange girl.
In case you were wonder how Bobo and I spent spring break so far, well, we spent it here

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