Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Sarita, formerly known as Baby Girl

Sarah is thirteen and officially a teenager now she says. She has been looking forward to becoming a teenager her whole life so she could babysit babies. She loves babies but hasn't had the chance to really babysit yet because she is so little no one ever takes her seriously. She has been hyper and happy pretty much every moment of her life and she flits and dances everywhere she goes. She had a small moment, a minor hormone imbalance, that wasn't so joyous for her but gratefully through prayer, a good doctor and the Internet we were able to identify the problem quickly, find the wright herbs to balance her out and we've moved past it. She absolutely loves everyone and everyone loves her and even when she is crabby or cranky she is still cute and lovable. She is such a girly girl and loves all things sparkly. When we was younger it was anything ruffly, then it was "poke-the-dots", anything with flowers or cute garden bugs, anything fancy(shiny) and now we have moved on to anything that sparkles, although lately she has started showing an interest in anything "old fashioned" and antique. We've been experiencing a lack of girl time lately with the boys being sick all the time and needing all my attention so to make it up to her Bobo and I took her to the movies for new years and then to get pedicures for valentines day. She was so thrilled to have grown up girl time that we decided to make it a monthly event. We figured we can sacrifice our feet for her happiness. To us she seams to be growing by the day but then when we see her with other kids her age we realize she is so much smaller than they are and we are always happy to find that she is not as mature as the other girls. We like that she is still pretty naive about most things, maturity is way over rated and we would be fine if she never grew up. She recently made a few friends that introduced her to boys and face books and talked her into lying to her parents and when I found out and confronted her she said she was so relieved. It was too stressful for her and she couldn't stand it. She practically begged me to ground her and was heart broken when I told her I had to tell her dad. I think her guilt was punishment enough and she was scolded severely and heavily threatened so hopefully we are done with the lying and sneaking for a while. Her passion of the moment is music. She is always looking for music to add to her phone or MP3Player. Even during unplugged time (quiet time) when the kids aren't allowed to use any electronics she is still dancing around the house singing her favorite songs. When she was younger her passion was art and she turned everything into an art project and colored on everything she came into contact with but now she is all about the music and tries to turn everything into a song. She wants to be a great and famous singer when she is older, she doesn't care what genre, she will sing anything. She brings joy to the lives of everyone she comes in contact with and she is the treasure of our home.

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