Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Boy Wonder otherwise known as Brenny Bob

Brendan was our most high maintenance baby with all his illnesses and issues. As he got older he outgrew or recovered from most of his issues but now he is sick again. His platelets have been low and we think his ITP has come back. He has been very tired and weak and he wants to eat meat all the time and he has some bruises that just aren't healing. He has been a little rebellious lately like climbing trees and wrestling with friends, things that boys with an enlarged kidney or ITP are not supposed to do. It scares the crud out of me but honestly we are surprised he waited this long before doing the things we have been telling him his whole life he can't do. He had his first kidney injury about a week and a half ago when he and his friends had a wrestling match that landed him in the ER. He was thoroughly scolded and heavily threatened but said he will probably do it again. He loves holding the priesthood and would never knowingly do anything to loose it but he is still very strong willed and definitely has the attitude of a teenager. He likes to argue and talk back. Sometimes it drives me insane but other times I remember saying the same thing or giving the same look to my dad and then I crack up laughing. He is very helpful around the house and when there are chores to be done he usually offers to just do them himself. Even though he is dyslexic he has almost all honours classes this year. He like being in honours, he likes the challenge he said. He has played the trombone since he was 11 but this year the band director told him next year they were going to put him in marching band so he decided this year is the last year he will play. He said he knows he is not coordinated enough to walk and play at the same time. I am pretty sure he got his vertigo and lack of coordination from me, sorry kid. I sometimes call him the boy wonder because boy do I wonder after everything he has been through how he has made it this far without any major injuries or long term hospitalizations. He has reached the age where he wants to take the pictures rather than be in them so we don't have very many resent pictures of him but I managed to find a couple. You can't tell so much in the pictures but he has had a light mustache since he was twelve. Last month it was so thick we decided something had to be done, it couldn't be ignored any longer. After some debate between shaving and waxing Sarah convinced him waxing was better. She told him it only hurts for a second and he would only have to do it once a month. He wasn't thrilled when the hair had grown back in three days. He said it definitely wasn't worth the pain so I guess it's time for his daddy to teach him to shave. Even with all the grief he gives us he is still a good kid and for the most part he really does stay out of trouble.

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