Thursday, August 20, 2009


To get the kids to stop taking naps I tried to bribe them with video games. They only get to play video games on Saturday so I thought it would work. Unfortunately they were too grouchy to play nicely so yesterday I decided TV time would be better. They only get 1 hour of TV a day and they're only aloud to watch like 5 channels so I thought that 3 hours of TV time would be exciting enough to keep them from fighting. It turned out to be too much time. Yesterday when I called the kids down for after nap snack only two came down. I called a few more times and then sent Sarah up to get the boys. Zander and Brendan had fallen asleep. Today when it was time for snack four sleepy eyed kids came down and Brendan grouchily said "What do you want mom your interrupting our nap." I guess we're not actually giving up nap time around here.

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