Thursday, August 6, 2009

The kids and I have decided we like the skies in West Point way better than White Settlement. We can see the clouds better and the rainbows are prettier. I swear the skies are bluer here too. My husband says it's because West Point is higher than White Settlement. There is a lot more wind here but I'm okay with that. Oh and there are no mosquito's here. In the whole seven months we have lived here we have only seen two mosquito's. In White Settlement Tanner would be living on tons of allergy medicine because he is very allergic to bugs and bug bites. White Settlement has mean mosquito's that will bite through your clothes and you can't get away from them either. If you open the door or a window a whole swarm is just waiting to get in.
Yesterday when we came home from church there was a perfect rainbow over our house.

I tried to get the whole rainbow in the picture but I couldn't.


Tink said...

Huh - we sure have mosquitoes in OUR part of West Point! (: That is a beautiful picture of the sky.

MammaMelgar said...

We don't have any.