Friday, August 21, 2009

Food I Won't Eat

We try to eat a very balanced diet around here and our rule is you have to at least half of everything on your plate even if you don't like it. The rule applies to the grown ups also. I even make foods that they like that I find disgusting and I eat them. Recently someone has told Sarah that she has a choice in the foods she eat. I am pretty sure it was a Mitchell because when they are here they refuse to eat their food. Actually it may have started when Emily and Sarah where having lunch and Sarah announced that she doesn't like cheese but I make her eat it. Emily leaned over and told Sarah next time she shouldn't say anything and just quietly take it off. She tried that once and then realized I was still going to make her eat it and it has less of a taste when it's in a sandwich. She is pretty much refusing to eat anything I put in front of her these days and it is driving me crazy. Three days ago she put a notice on the fridge for me to read over when I start to prepare a meal. It is titled "Foods I don't like" and it is a running list of things that she refuses to eat. Everyday she adds more foods to the list. Here is her list so far.

Macaroni, Spaghetti with carrots, any kind of beans, black eye peas, penut buter and honey sandwitches, veggi - cream cheese, macaroni salad, cheese, frosting, penut - butter, spinage, pasta, apple sauce, cherries, wheat bread (i don't get this one because we very often catch her walking around the house with a loaf of bread eating it straight out of the bag), toast, peaches, plumbs, bananas, ham and cheese sandwitches, apples, oat meal, my schools pizza, nuts, fish sticks, the plus dinners (her way of saying any dinner plus vegetables) hamburgers (not sure if she mean soy or beef but beef makes her puke her gut up so will go with that one), pretzals, unsalted nuts, cereal, pancakes and I am sure there will be more tomorrow.
(her spelling)

I don't negotiate so she's probably going to starve.


Sharla said...

That is pretty funny! I guess now she needs a list of foods she will eat... seriously what else is left not to eat :). Good luck convincing people you are not starving her ;)

Tink said...

Wow, that is quite a list! Sounds to me like she's being pretty optimistic - you'd think after all these years she'd realize you didn't negotiate! (:

randivon said...

Way to be Shanon! That is great that you stick to your guns. I have always been impressed at how well your kids eat all kinds of foods that most kids won't touch. She will come back around... just give her ten years. :-)