Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sarah's Chickie

Yesterday we decided that we were going to start letting the chickens out for a few hours everyday. It isn't right for them to be locked up all the time just because they freak the neighbor out. Yesterday one of the chickens kept fallowing Sarah around the yard. When she would sit at the table it would perch on the edge of the table. When she tried to swing it would get in front of her and she couldn't swing. Finally she sat on the ground to show the chickie the food and water and it jumped up into her lap. She tried to push it off but it perched on her arm and would not let go.
She tried shaking it off, lowering it to the ground and pushing it off, she even tried turning it upside down. He wouldn't let go.
I finally had to peel it's little claws off and put it out in the yard. It sat just outside the door waiting for her to come out.
She has named him George. He is the runt chickie so we think he feels safe with her and she doesn't peck him so he thinks she's his friend.


J and C said...

OH, my heart just goes out to the little runt! Our Little Red is the runt and she is just so adorable.

I am so happy for your chickens to free range a bit, it is SO good for them, but I will warn you, we have had almost no garden goodness because of their foraging! Next year we are putting a fence up around it!

But it is just so fun to see them come out and run and flap thier wings in joy! It is good for the heart!

I love chickens!

clicker59 said...

Sarah seems ti have a better knack with chickens for some reason.