Monday, July 6, 2009

A day at the beach

We played games in the sand,

Made a drip sand castles,

Collected shells for Sarah,

and walked out as far as we could before freaking out because of sharks. Sharks sometimes come in closer to the shore when it rains. We walked halfway out to the boat channel before seeing something very big and not a dolphin in the water. Even that far out there the water was only knee deep unless you stood on the sand bars then it was only ankle deep.

We were laying in the sand playing with crabs when the tide came in. We decided just to stay there and see how far the tide came in when I got hit by a wave. It took for every to get the taste of salt water out of my mouth.

We also played in the rain. We've decided that rainy days are the best days to go to the beach. There isn't anyone else there. You get the whole beach to yourself.

Oscar discovered that rain coming in from the ocean is just as salty as the ocean.


Denice Honshtein said...

Which beach did you go to?? That looks fun!

MammaMelgar said...

I went to Gulfport to spend the weekend with Oscar.