Thursday, July 9, 2009

Fishing under the Fireworks

We decided to go fishing Saturday night which happened to be the 4th. We started on the jetties but people were shooting fireworks over our heads and into the water. The shrapnel from the fireworks was landing in the water and scaring away the fish so we had to o to the pier. We didn't have much luck at the pier either. The pesky kids kept throwing firecrackers off the pier into the water. I was tempted to throw them off the pier a few times. I think of everywhere we've been on the fourth Gulfport has been the best place to watch the fireworks. For as you can see up and down the coast people are setting off fireworks. And not the little things you buy on the side of the road that only give up a little sparkle but full displays. The hotels and casinos were launching them from their roofs, people were launching them off the back of their boats, and even the Coast Guard was launching them off their pier. I think next year Kari and I are going to take all the kids to Mississippi for the the 4th of July.
(The pictures of fireworks didn't turn out that great but it's a little hard to take pictures and fish at the same time.)

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