Monday, July 6, 2009

Date Night

It's hard to cram a years worth of dates into one night and since it was a Saturday night there wasn't a whole lot of G rated things to do that didn't involve a lot of tween-age kids but we tried. My mother came to watch the kids and stayed the knight so I could go to the airport with Oscar the next morning. Thanks Mom.

We started with dinner at red lobster. The food was good but a little expensive.

Then we tried our hand at bingo. Kariann kept telling us it's a lot of fun and we should go play. We gave it a try. It turns out that the only people who win are those who rent the electronic game boards that keep up with all the balls that have been played and because bingo is now digital it marks their boards before the numbers are even announced. Also people seamed to be more into the gambling part of bingo not the actual game. If your not there to gamble it isn't worth going. Oh, the guy calling the numbers spent more time peddling lottery tickets and auctioning off collectibles than calling out bingo numbers. We left before we finished all of our game cards. The bingo dobbers did make a great addition to the craft cabinet this summer.

After Bingo we went to Applebee's for desert. We order three desert shots. It had been almost a year since we last ate at Applebee's and the desert shots used to be like three bites of desert in a little shot glass. When we get them we always order three and share. This time they came out not in 2oz shot glasses but in 5oz bar glasses. It turns out if you go to Applebee's when it's nearly midnight they serve you much larger portions and and a lot of the snacks and drinks are half price.

We probably should have brought one or two home for the kids and my mom but we didn't. We ate them all.

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J and C said...

Oh man, I LOVE Red lobster, especially the awesome cheddar busciuts... My mouth is watering right now! Hope it was a really fun date night!