Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Playin in the Park

I've been going a little crazy lately with so few kids around. I usually keep at least ten or eleven kids plus my own four but just recently one of the moms has decided two of her kids are old enough to stay home alone which was a little hard for me because I have watched them most of their lives. I have also recently made the decision to stop watching two kids, not because of the kids but because of the parents. When I went from fifteen or more kids to about eleven kids it was very strange around here. I couldn't adjust to the quiet in my house. It seamed like all of the kids just got quieter all of the sudden. And my house was staying cleaner as well because for some reason the kids were all playing outside instead of inside all of a sudden. So last Thursday I was going absolutely crazy with nothing to do and no new books to read and only thirteen kids I decided to take the kids to the park. They wanted to feed the ducks but when when that many kids came running towards them they took off so we fed the turtles and tadpoles instead. We had a lot of fun so I think we'll start going to the park at least once a week now.

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