Monday, June 7, 2010

Kids Sleeping Here!!

I have run out of creative punishments so lately when the kids get in trouble I have been having them copy scriptures. I choose the scripture that I want them to learn and count back 25, 50 or 100 versus depending on what they have done wrong.

Zander only ever gets 25 so he does his scriptures and then goes up to bed without being told. Tanner, after taking a two hour nap, got about 15 versus in and called me while I was out walking to tell me he was too tired to finish and he needed to go to bed and he would finish in the morning. I told him he would just have to sleep in the chair because he wasn't getting down from the table until he finished his 50 versus. I guess the big kids took me seriously for once because when I got home this is how I found them.

Do Not Disturb, Kids Working! I only disturbed a little to ask if they wanted to go to bed. They all said they were fine where they were so I left them there.


Tink said...

That's hilarious! I wish I could sleep in random places like that. (:

Sharla said...

Seriously too funny! I hope they do better and don't end up sleeping at the table again :). Good luck - it's going to be a long summer!

Kirchner Family said...

That is too cute!