Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Museum

The White Settlement Museum is one of the kids favorite field trips. They always want to go when they are out of school. It recently had to be torn down because it was in a flood zone next to a creak that is going to be widened. Tanner, who begs to go there the most, is a little heartbroken but Mrs. Davis, the museum manager, insists that the new museum will be better than the old. Tanners not buying it. He liked the old museum that was originally an old house. There is an old sideways tree out in front of the museum that the kids like to climb while we wait for everyone to take a potty break and when we're loading the cars after our visit.
On our last trip to the museum Mrs. Davis was showing the kids how to use an old hand crank record player. After most of the boys had their turn cranking and playing music Gemma and I turned to ask the girls if they wanted to give it a try and we found them dancing to the music. It was very adorable.

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