Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Left Behind!

After 12 years and 7 kids Kariann and I finally lost one. (Tanner did get lost in walmart once but Oscar was the one that lost him so that doesn't count) When the were little we would take them to the the mall, the park, the movies, walmart, everywhere. We even took like 12 kids to sixflags once and didn't loose a single child. I took my four to Chicago with two layovers and never lost any of them. Now that they are older we just tell them go get in the car and put on your seat belt and usually they do it. And if they don't one of the others always tattles and we thump them in the head and tell them to get in the car. For some reason today we made it all the way to the car, counted heads, told them to get in while we said our goodbyes and Kariann and I got in the car and drove off. Somewhere between counting heads and telling them to load up Zander wandered off. We got almost to the house before Hannah asked why there was an empty seat. Nobody tattled or complained. He announced he wasn't going with us and went back into the church and nobody said anything to the moms. Luckily Oscar was still there so he wasn't totally lost. I guess it was bound to happen to us eventually but we never thought when they were older and always said if I was gonna loose one it would probably be him. Oh, when we went to Chicago we took a teenager with us who did get lost and was taken into custody by security but that wasn't my fault either, at fifteen she was responsible for watching herself.

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