Thursday, September 3, 2009

Yesterdays Project

Last week I was driving through my mother in laws neighborhood and found three little student desks. The cheap metal and particle board kind you find in elementary school classrooms. For several months now I have been trying to find a classroom supply store that will not ship them to me but not charge me almost as much for shipping as the price of the desk. It turns out these desks are only cheap if you order enough to fill a classroom. But then I found three of them in the trash.
They were very dirty and a little rusty. They also needed new desk tops. I gave them a good scrub, repainted the metal, and replaced the tops. I only spent $15 for plywood, $3 for spray paint, and $3 for new screws for a total $21 for 3 desks which is still less than the price of one new desk without shipping.
I decided to leave the chrome legs off until I can find chairs for them to sit on. For now they are the perfect height for the boys if they are sitting on the floor.

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Tink said...

What a find! Hooray! (: