Wednesday, September 9, 2009

It all comes out in the wash

Well, sometimes it doesn't but he just has to keep scrubbing until it does.
I always complain about the laundry, the 3 loads a day, the stains, the clean clothes that I am rewashing, the markers Sarah leaves in her pockets, etc. but I'm so glad that my husband is now doing his own laundry. His uniforms are so dirty at the end of the week that I would just throw them out and send him to buy new ones. He doesn't though, he washes and scrubs until they look like this -


Sharla said...

Seriously that's nasty! Good thing you don't have to clean them!

Kirchner Family said...

That is my favorite statement - in fact my towels all say "It all comes out in the wash" I love your blog you always have such a great positive thing to say - and the funniest things going on!